Athens, Greece


A beautiful balcony above a restaurant in Athens

Living in New York can feel extremely overwhelming sometimes. I find that it is so easy to slip into the routine of the hustle and bustle, that I tend to forget that there is a whole other world out there. I found myself getting sucked into this rabbit hole with work consuming my life that I forgot what I loved doing the most: travel. 

It wasn’t up until last summer, where I embarked on my first ever trip to Europe. My schedule miraculously opened up in the middle of summer and everything seemed to align perfectly- so, I thought why not? That trip has not only re-ignite my passion for travel but served as a reminder that it was ok to take a breather.

Rooftop view from my airbnb

Evening view of the Acropolis

Athens is a small city with narrow cobblestone streets lined with local stores and gems. Jewelry, shoes, bag— I am a sucker for hand made gems. Whenever I travel, I always make sure I made a mental note of purchasing a hand made or authentic souvenir from the place that I went and visited to as a memorabilia. I bought a couple of small pouches which made for great gifts for my friends back home.

When it is almost 3pm in Greece

The view from the top of the Acropolis

Businesses would open at 9am and would close at 2pm and then would reopen at around 5pm. It was such an unfamiliar concept to me but it was also a different way of living that I learned to embraced.

When I travel, I am someone who likes to avoid crowds at all costs. Going early also meant we avoided not only the crowd but the heat as well. The Acropolis was such a beautiful and stunning monument which kept on giving at every sight. It was incredibly moving to soak in an ancient part of history. It was definitely worth the hike to the top and a must-see when you are in Athens!