Florence, Italy


View from my Airbnb

I really believe that travel is the only thing you buy that will make you richer. This year I am trying to make more of a conscious effort to travel outside of my comfort zone, go places that I’ve never been before & embracing new experiences with open arms.

The Old Bridge

This trip I traveled to:

Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Positano, Pisa and Milan.

It’s a lot condensed in 9 days.

If there was something equivalent to speed-dating, but with cities, this would be it. The day trips provided me with enough time to decide whether or not I would go revisit that city again. Florence is on the top of my list as I missed out on venturing into to the countryside this time. I would do 3 days in the city and 3 in the countryside.

Florence made me feel like I was in a small town, in a big city kind of way. It was definitely less hectic than Rome and Milan. After living in a big city, it has humbled me and I have learnt to appreciate quaint small towns and rural suburbs.

Having gone to art school, this city was incredibly meaningful to me, as I got to experience the birthplace of the Renaissance. Everywhere I went, I was captivated by beautiful historic buildings. I just couldn’t stop looking up, like a bright eyed tourist in New York for the first time.

Watching the sunset on “The Old Bridge”

There is an endless amount of pizza and pasta. After walking around all day, I stopped by a sandwich store that had quite a line out the door, but was moving fast. The shop turned out to be one of the best sandwich shops in Florence - which is called All'antico Vinaio. You won’t be disappointed - their sandwich was literally the size of my face and tasted delicious!

I was also able to check out the “Gucci” Garden in Florence. If you love fashion, make sure you stop by. The Gucci museum is 3 stories high. The second and third floor showcased a selection of Gucci items that take you on a historical journey of the brand. Unless you are planning on buying a gift for yourself, you should be in and out in 15 minutes, give or take. There is also a Gucci restaurant / cafe - an extension of the museum where you could go for a nice afternoon lunch break.

Gucci Garden
Piazza della Signoria 10
Firenze, 50122, Italia

Gucci Garden
Piazza della Signoria 10
Firenze, 50122, Italia

Pasta making class in Florence

Last but not least, I managed to squeeze in a pasta making class (all within 24 hours!) It was my first time ever making pasta - and I have a new found appreciation for the time and process it takes to make something so delicious and simple. The restaurant is family owned and they also own an organic farm where they produce all their wine, olive oil, fruit and vegetables as well. This was my first Airbnb experience and it would be something that I would definitely take up again when traveling to another country.