NYBG | Brazilian Modern: The Living Art Of Roberto Burle Marx


This year, I told myself that I wanted to go on more adventures. To make time and putting in the effort into exploring different neighborhoods that I normally wouldn’t venture to because, like most New Yorkers, our excuse tends to lean towards the fact that “we live here now” and we could always go later.

3 years and counting, I still find myself in falling in love over and over again at the cliché nooks & crannies and all the different culture and neighborhoods this city has to offer. The only time I would go above 50th street was to go to an art gallery, museum or central park.

“if you’re bored in New York, it’s your own fault”

There had been times where I felt like I had already seen it all, but I know I have only probably scratched the surface. The trip to the Botanical Gardens has been on my list for some time now. I recently started compiling a list of places that I’ve been wanting to go- locally and internationally. The journey to the garden took about an hour or so to get there. I took the 4 train and got off at Bedford Park Blvd Station. It was a long train ride so be prepared to bring a book or go with a friend who you hadn’t seen in a long time (catch up during the ride), because by the time you get to the garden, you are going to just want to just be in awe of nature. Once we got off the train, we took a bus which took about 15mins-20mins or so and it dropped us right outside the garden. If my memory serves me right, it was the last stop on the bus. Luckily enough when we went on a weekday, the buses weren’t packed and there was hardly anyone there. We also went when it was scorching hot @ 100 fahrenheit / 37 degrees. Growing up in such a tropical climate, I have grown very fond of the heat and humidity (even most of my friends think its horrible!) But for me, being amongst nature and sitting under a tree with a book or laying on the grass, even on such a hot summers day, is my ideal way of spending an afternoon.

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